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[ Life is screaming never stop dreaming ]

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. Currently, I live in England, which feels more like home than anywhere else. I hate the rain, the lack of sunshine, but I love this island to bits. My journal is friends only, therefore, most of the entries are locked. I am willing to add anyone who wants, as long as I know something about you.
I love dancing more than life, I love writing, reading, and I make up the craziest stories in my head as if I'd watch a movie. Traveling is my ultimate passion, just as the fashion and clothes. Of all things, I'm set to study law.
I don't update my journal every day, and don't intend to, I write when I have something on my mind.
I can speak English and Spanish, so my entries are mostly in those languages.


FandomsMisfits, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Raising Hope,. J'Adore: Kristen Stewart; Demi Lovato, my lover Ian Sommerhalder.
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